Asset Maintenance Management

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Asset Maintenance Management

NaviWorld Asset Maintenance Management Add-on for Microsoft Dynamics NAV


Asset Maintenance Management Add-On for NAV will help you minimize downtime, manage your resources effectively, maximize profitability and secure the highest performance of your assets. It is providing you with rich functionality and plans for all kinds of preventive and predictive schedules.


Asset Maintenance Management is totally integrated with other related modules like General Ledger, Inventory, Fixed Assets, Capital Requirement Planning and Purchase and Payables 


Facilitate control of the maintenance activities

  • To the entire Assets, which is easier to comprehend and manage
  • To generate simple day-to-day Maintenance requests with the help of service request
  • Fast access to information
  • Complex features like predicting the future performance of the Assets
  • Integrating measuring tools and facilitating the predictions (Machine to Machine Interfaces)


Make management information easier to comprehend including:

  • Maintenance Order Management
  • Cost of spare parts
  • Rough information concerning Maintenance Personnel (Maintenance centers) load
  • Cost due to Maintenance Activities


Integrate asset maintenance management with other standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV modules

  • General Ledger
  • Fixed Assets
  • Cap. Requirement Planning
  • Inventory
  • Purchase and Payables


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