NaviWorld Vietnam believe that our greatest asset is the high quality of our staff members who are required to work together as an effective team and provide a service of unequalled excellence to all our clients. To archive this we shall, throughout your time with us, aim to develop your skills to their full potential and help you achieve your career aspirations.


NaviWorld is a successful organization because it values quality above. If you are an essential and important NaviWorld team member; we value your contribution and hope you will enjoy the challenges and experiences we have to offer.


The principles


The Firm believes that all members of the staff should have:


  • good working conditions;
  • fair remuneration;
  • continuous employment insofar as it is reasonably within the power of the Firm to provide;
  • consideration of all genuine complaints;
  • a sense of security in their jobs;
  • scope for self-development;
  • opportunities to become professionally qualified; and
  • consideration for promotion by merit and service.


In return, the Firm is, therefore, entitled to expect from its entire staff:


  • a keen interest to develop high technical competence;
  • a serious sense of responsibility for the quality of work performed;
  • a serious effort to adapt and adjust to our working environment;
  • a strict adherence to the regulations of the Firm, which are set out in this Handbook;
  • a sincere endeavour to maintain respectful, considerate and friendly relationships with clients and fellow members of the staff; and
  • a cheerful compliance with all reasonable instructions of the Firm


The principles above should apply to all members of the staff, irrespective of their grades.