HRM Add-on for NAV

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HRM Add-on for NAV

Managing your human resources is a demanding responsibility, and one that is vital to the day-to-day operation of your business.  Without the right technology solution, it can be a challenge to manage data effectively while staff’s strategic responsibilities are increasing. 

The Microsoft Dynamic NAV - Human Resource Management and Payroll empowers HR managers and staffs to access, transact and update detailed information, schedules, qualifications, training, communications and more. The application is powerful enough to automate the processing of complex payroll calculations.


Effective human resource management has given companies a new way to create a competitive advantage in their market spaces. Accordingly, the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Human Resources and Payroll modules were designed to give companies a streamlined labor management tool that increases the efficiency and responsiveness of human resource administration and payroll processing. The system helps to simplify processes and improve the overall quality of human resource management within the organization, resulting in improved employee satisfaction and reduced costs.


Key Benefits


Improved Integration


  • Integration between all relevant modules HR, Payroll, Accounting


Reduced Support


  • Simple application to support, maintain and learn


  • Reduced training costs with a familiar Microsoft - based interface


Feature-Rich Functionality


  • Flexible, feature-rich functionality to manage a broad range of business requirements for HR


  • Flexible enough to perform labor cost allocations based on parameters like department, positions and more


  • Fully supports  local Vietnamese government requirements for insurance, payroll and personal income tax.


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