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   Cadena HRM Series |


Combining Conditions and Choices


With Cadena’s revolutionary multi process layers


Your Choices

Choose the deployment, financing and database options you require. Our Series |5 can be accessed on your premises or from the cloud.


Your Country

One system for all the countries you operate in! Cadena’s Series |5 includes a unique country layer to store necessary localizations.


Your Group

Apply your HRM policies throughout the group’s entities without boundaries through Cadena’s Series |5 multi-tenancy architecture and cloud capability.


Your Company

Series |5 can be fine-tuned on company level, utilizing its high configuration flexibility. Customizations are stored in the company customization layer.

Your Self

At Cadena, we want people to love using our application, resulting in exceptional user experiences of our Series |5!



Your Industry

Cadena HRM - Series |5 includes catered versions with specialized features for selected industries such as hospitality, F&B – retail, factory and contractors.


Cadena HRM Series |

Anywhere, Anytime


A single integrated platform across devices



Cadena HRM Series |5

Organize, Manage, Support, Interact, Pay


One platform to support all HRM activities



Time Attendance
Leave Management    


Competency Management



Employee Self Services




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Career & Succession

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Workforce Management

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Onboarding & Separation

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Loan & Benefit


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Payroll Budgeting

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Series |5 Highlights


A few highlights of Cadena’s exciting new flagship!


  • Real 3 layer-architecture
  • Multiple layers for functions and policies
  • Latest web and web services technology with .Net framework
  • Designed for Cloud, with multi tenants structure
  • Both MS SQL and Oracle database compatible
  • Both services and client side security validation
  • Highly secured data and password encryption method, encryption method can be configured on company level
  • Report writer and dashboard design tool
  • Workflow engine and automation
  • US based Platform, Localized for Southeast Asia


What can we do for you…


NaviWorld Vietnam consultants provide comprehensive support and assistance in following areas related to HRM application implementation:


  • Diagnostics:  Strategic Assessment, HR Strategy and Shared Services,  HRM Solution demonstrations and Solution Discovery Sessions.


  • Consulting and Advisory: Business Process Mapping, Gap-Fit Analyses, System Implementation, User Training, Ongoing supports


  • Development: Architecture and Design services, Application customization, Quality Assurance and  Solution Walkthroughs.


  • Project Management: Program management services for large-scale project, Project and Risk  Mitigation plan reviews


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