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    Get a CRM marketing solution that is flexible, easy to use, and engineered to fit your business. Transform every touch point into a marketing opportunity and harness the undiscovered potential within your customer base. With familiar and intelligent marketing capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can market more effectively, improve productivity, and gain actionable insight into your marketing efforts.

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Office 365 Integration with Microsoft Dynamics ERP



Office 365 Integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

The interoperability and integration that exists between Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Office 365 integration is one of your most important competitive advantages.

An ability to integrate your Microsoft Office 365 solution amplifies the already powerful features of Microsoft Dynamics NAV to bring the two solutions together under one single user interface, one single business-ready platform to drive productivity.


What does this mean for your business?

  • One single cost for both platforms
  • Use Office 365 as your everyday user experience and access Microsoft Dynamics NAV through Office 365 
  • Hosted in the cloud to increase flexibility – use our integrated solutions from anywhere or whilst on the move
  • Seamless integration with MS Word, Excel, OneNote etc.


The rapidNAV solution is hosted online and can be accessed via the Office 365 platform, making Office 365 your one-stop cloud solution for all your business needs. Office 365 integration with Dynamics NAV means all your data is stored online in the cloud and accessible from within Office 365.


OneNote Integration

Microsoft OneNote can be directly integrated into Dynamics NAV and Office 365, meaning that by simply clicking the OneNote icon in Dynamics NAV, a note is added and saved in a OneNote format directly to your Office 365 account, making it accessible from outside NAV to anybody who has access, from anywhere in the world.


Microsoft Dynamics AX integration with Power BI for Office 365

Microsoft Power BI for Office 365 is a collection of features and services that, together, enable you to visualize data, share discoveries, and collaborate in new ways. Familiar tools including Excel and SharePoint form the foundation of Power BI. The value of Power BI is how its features and services work together, and how the insights are securely, yet interactively shared.



Access data with Excel

The features listed in the following table are part of the familiar Excel environment. These features enable you to access data and display that data in interactive charts, graphs, and maps. Some of these features have been available before, some are new, but each is now integrated into Excel and into Power BI online services.






Power Query

easily discover and connect to data from public and corporate data sources


Power Pivot

create a sophisticated Data Model directly in Excel


Power View

create reports and analytical views with interactive data visualizations

Power Map

explore and navigate geospatial data on a 3D map experience in Excel


Collaborate in Office 365

The features listed in the following table help you share data and reports with team members who are anywhere in the world.






Power BI sites

share, view, and interact with reports in these collaborative Power BI sites


Power BI Q&A

use natural language queries to find, explore, and report over your data


Power BI app


Access the latest reports posted to your Power BI site from an app on your mobile device.


Office 365 + Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM alongside Office 365 empowers your teams to engage more effectively with your customers. This combined power of customer relationship management (CRM) with already-familiar Microsoft Office tools helps your employees achieve goals across sales, marketing, social, and customer care.



Take productivity to a whole new level

It's not enough to have the best people. Even top teams must be equipped with the right tools to maximize their efforts. When paired with Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics CRM redefines productivity at a completely different level.


  • Easy to adopt.  Use familiar tools that provide dependable, consistent experiences across PCs, mobile devices, and browsers, whether you’re using cloud or traditional applications.
  • Available anywhere. Work seamlessly—whether online or offline—with anywhere access to information and applications. Never compromise your productivity because of a bad connection again.
  • Team-oriented.  Share information more easily inside and outside of your organization with change tracking and memory capabilities that simulate social tools like Twitter.
  • More secure in the cloud. Enjoy financially backed security, data privacy, and consistent Microsoft-managed upgrades so that you can take the worry out of detailed day-to-day administration.


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