Pebblestone Fashion

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Pebblestone Fashion

Pebblestone Fashion® enriches the Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution, to make it suitable for companies in the fashion industry. Whether apparel, footwear, sporting goods or accessories companies, whether production, wholesale or retail... Pebblestone Fashion, based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, offers the solution for small and medium sized companies in the fashion industry.


Built around Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Pebblestone Fashion uses its same recognizable look and feel. This makes it very easy to get used to when starting up working with Pebblestone Fashion.


Pebblestone Fashion is based on the latest worldwide version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The standard version is in English. This set-up makes it easy to create a local version of Pebblestone Fashion in any country in the world.


The main issue that Pebblestone Fashion covers, is the fact that fashion companies are working with items that come in many variants. This concerns not only colors and sizes, but also fabrics, designs, multiple size dimensions etc. sing a standard solution makes it very laborious to enter, maintain and view information like basic item information, SKU-information, sales and purchase prices, Bills of Materials, technical specifications and order information.


Pebblestone Fashion has solved that by offering very flexible matrix functionality, both in standard two-dimensional and in more advanced multidimensional matrix form. This functionality is extended through the whole solution, so not only in sales but also in purchases, logistics and production.


Another characteristic feature of the fashion industry is the presales process. Two or more collections each year are sold using samples and only delivered months later. This requires very specific functionalities which are covered by Pebblestone Fashion. Preserving historic orders, registering back-orders in detail, including their origins, entering sales order targets and viewing the progress of presales on a daily basis from any required point of view are just a few examples of the many added functionalities in Pebblestone Fashion.























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