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NaviWorld Vietnam Co., Ltd. has built it's reputation on exceptional customer service and support.  Our staff is friendly and skilled in helping each client get the most out of their software solution.


At NaviWorld, we are dedicated to the long-term success of our clients and intended to be their reliable partner not only during system implementation but also during post-implementation as client business evolve.

Post implementation support is offered in two methods:


Vietnam Localization Pack – Support Lifecycle and General local supports


NaviWorld Vietnam firmly commits to maintain the Vietnamese Localization Pack (VAS) solution development roadmap following the Microsoft Dynamics Statement of Direction / Roadmap. We shall endeavor to release a newer version of VAS solution within 2 months after any new version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV been available. We do ensure our solution always remain compatible with any releases of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV product.


Naviworld Vietnam also provides support services for VAS solution according to Microsoft Support Lifecycle policy. The support services offer consistent and predictable guidelines for product use when a product releases and throughout that product’s life. For any release of VAS add-on solution, we offer a minimum of 10 years of support (5 years Mainstream Support and 5 years Extended Support).


Type of support

Mainstream support phase

Extended support phase

Request to change product design and features


Not available

Security updates



Other hotfixes (bug fixes)


Only available with Extended Hotfix Support

Complimentary support included with license, licensing program or other no-charge support programs


Not available

Paid-support (including pay-per-incident Premier and Essential Support)





Post implementation supports


On-Going support


NaviWorld provides Ongoing Support Services regarding the daily usage of Microsoft Dynamics software solution and localization package within period as specified in the Agreements between NaviWorld and Customers.  The Support services will include but not be limited to the following:


  • All questions regarding the daily use of the software provided by NaviWorld Vietnam
  • Applications or those portions customized by the NaviWorld Vietnam;
  • All questions regarding the daily usage of the custom developed add-on solution
  • Issues regarding processing of standard and custom reports;
  • Issues regarding Month End Procedures execution;
  • Software configuration issues and fixes;
  • Software help, guidance and recommendations;
  • Guiding the customer’s staff through the process of installing and running any fix routine to the program and data;
  • Any other issues regarding operations of the Software;


Please note: On-going Support Services will be performed by telephone, email and remote access when required.


Additional Support


The Additional Support Services of Microsoft Dynamics software solution and Vietnam localization package to be provided by NaviWorld to customers shall include, but not be limited to, the following:


  • Resolution of any identified and repeatable fault in the Software which include program fixes and/or reconfiguration of application parameters;
  • Resolution of Software issues and faults not covered by the warranty agreement.
  • Provide training on the use of the Software, provided NaviWorld is advised of the training requirements three (3) weeks prior to the day the training is needed.
  • Update customers on new changes available and installation and implementation of updates and new releases of the Software;
  • Software configuration issues and fixes;
  • The rectification of lost or corrupted data.
  • Development of enhancements and modifications to the Software to meet new applicable regulatory, statutory and/or legislative requirements or to improve customer's productivity in general.
  • Continuous Improvement - Analysis of commonly occurring problems and recommendations to improve the overall productivity of customers in using the Software.


Please note: The additional Support Services can be perform onsite based on requests from customers



For further queries on our support service, please contact:


Hanoi Office:   +8424 3636 6268

HCM Office:   +8428 3840 3177

Hotline:            +849 2636 2468

OR email to