September 29, 2009 News

B. Braun: Progressive Solutions for a Progressive Business 

B. Braun is a family owned multi billion dollar business that offers products and process-oriented services to the healthcare industry around the world. B. Braun is steeped in tradition that takes them back over 170 years and they still maintain the same philosophy that relies on generating progress while basing their values in traditional.


B. Braun was seeking a solution that allowed their business to meet tough Vietnamese government standards and have their employees maximize their potential instead of being hampered down by their current applications that were out-of-date, time consuming technology that provided limited functionality. By investing in a fully integrated and bilingual Vietnamese Human Resources solution B. Braun saves time, money and man power. Their productivity and bottom line have risen and they now comply with stern Vietnamese government requirements for taxation and payroll.


B.Braun selected NaviWorld to implement Harvey Nash’s People Suite: Human Resources Management Application also has known as SPS because of NaviWorld’s great experience at individualization and implementation. NaviWorld and B. Braun signed the contract in May 2009, in several months the diagnosis, implementation and training were complete and in July, B. Braun took their new HR solution live. Since going live, B. Braun has comfortably adopted NaviWorld’s solution and looks forward to expanding their opportunities by leveraging their SPS solution that has increased their business processes.