September 30, 2009 News

Trung Nguyen Coffee: Continued Success with new POS Solution 

TrungNguyen Coffee Franchising (“Trung Nguyen”) introduced franchise coffee shops to Vietnam and today there are over 1,000 retail locations throughout Asia and Europe while the main concentration remains in Vietnam. Trung Nguyen’s success has come from their passion for creating the highest quality coffee through harnessing tradition farming techniques.


In order to continue their success, Trung Nguyen needed an integrated retail solution that expedited the flow of quality business data so management could monitor sales, inventory, pricing and demand. Trung Nguyen also wanted a solution that would increase the pace and number of transactions that could be processed while requiring little training so employees would operate more efficiently faster.


NaviWorld is deploying and implementing The LS Retail Hospitality solution for Trung Nguyen. The integration of the POS solution across every location in Vietnam will accurately share real-time information. This will provide management the ability to forecast demand, streamline their supplies to meet projected needs and increase efficiency of employees companywide. The end result will see Trung Nguyen experience enhanced sales monitoring, an integrated live POS system, increased shipping efficiency and greater financial clarity. Cashiers will have the ability to take orders and process transactions with handheld, reserve tables, split bills, offer customer loyalty programs across all locations, offer attractive deals and promotions as well as receive full training in an incredibly short period of time.


The first Coffee shop is going live in February 2009 and as of September 2009, most of Trung Nguyen retail locations have been outfitted with the new POS solution. Trung Nguyen is excited about their new POS solution and the seemingly limitless capabilities of LS Retail.