Strict compliance standards, low profit margins, intense competition, high customer-service expectations—when you’re in the food and beverage distribution industry, these conditions define your business. As a player in the industry, how effectively you meet the challenges determines whether or not your company is successful


Build relationships based on relevant, personalized, and timely communication that exceeds customer expectations.

Gain control over your sales performance and orchestrate your marketing and sales efforts

Vehicles & Parts

Faster and consistent sales execution processes, control and reduce costs, and increase profitability through incentives for higher margin vehicles and parts. Ensure smooth service delivery by setting up efficient parts management processes


Optimize operations, improve utilization and productivity, along with loyal, happy customers. With after sales becoming an increasingly important source of revenue, you definitely need to get in the driver’s seat.


With the strong foundation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, incadea dealer management solution designed specifically to serve the needs of automotive distribution and retail. The DMS solution covers all dealership functions and processes as well as unparalleled flexibility to integrate with other systems within your IT ecosystem.

Increase your staff’s productivity and efficiency by reducing time spent on switching between systems, reentering data, and waiting for replies. Through our long-term partnerships with leading car manufacturers, we provide out-of-the-box functionality and interfaces custom made for specific brands


  • Automate and streamline your processes

    Increase your staff’s productivity and efficiency by reducing time spent on switching between systems, reentering data, and waiting for replies

    Providing your employees with a convenient overview of their current tasks, status updates, upcoming appointments

  • Elevate your customer service

    Create customer-centric, personalized experiences across the entire dealership.

    Improving customer service and taking advantage of a new business opportunities.

  • Quickly access the right data for decision-making

    Make informed decisions and resolve issues before they impact your bottom line by using real-time operational reporting.





A flexible set of solutions that can be easily adapted to your operational needs, deployed quickly and easy-to-use


Combination of our deep business knowledge and the latest technology solutions with hundred of successful projects


Tailored-to-Business localization solution meets requirements of Accounting and Tax Compliance.


Local support in Vietnam, and expertized Naviworld global network.

Optimize Your Operations With Our Solutions


Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics for Ford Distributors in Vietnam

NaviWorld Vietnam was partner with incadea GmbH to implement the solution for Ford Distributors in Vietnam. The incadea DMS software is specialized for automotive dealers and applied for Ford distributors worldwide. In Vietnam, due to localization aspect, NaviWorld Vietnam has been selected to provide incadea system to Ford Distributors in Vietnam and successfully implemented for over 20 distributors nationwide from 2016 to 2018.

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NaviWorld Vietnam is a leading solutions provider of end-to-end integrated and adaptable business management solutions for mid-sized companies in Vietnam and South East Asia.  With solutions catering for various sectors from Distribution to Retail, Services to Manufacturing, NaviWorld brings a portfolio of internationally proven, fully integrated technology business solutions to our customers.

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