Grocery shoppers have high expectations: they want to experience welcoming surroundings, large product variety, value for money, sales efficiency and much more. The competition is intense and the margins small. That’s why how you manage your daily operations can make or break your business.

There are some challenges faced by grocery retailer

  • Replenishment

    Even a small grocery store can stock more than a thousand different items, all of which have different shelf lives. Overstocking can be a costly mistake, as spoilt fresh produce has to be thrown away, but out-of-stock situations are just as problematic

  • Labor cost

    Since grocery stores typically run on extremely low profit margins, the need for a lean and efficient operation is critical. Labor costs are the single greatest controllable expense. Some grocery store managers have a tendency to cut labor during tough times. If labor cost reduction is not managed properly, customer service and store conditions may suffer. This, of course, results in lost customers and sales. 

  • Lack of accuracy, timely financial information

    With increased competition from superstores, the grocery operators are required to provision for high-level strategic analysis of the sales and margins by store department. This requires access to not only experienced accountants but also best-in-breed technology including business intelligence and analytics

  • Managing Cash Flows

    Effective monitoring & tracking business cash flows helps the grocery operators to expand capacity, increase inventory, extend their product lines and penetrate new markets. However, tracking the cash flows is extremely challenging for the grocers as it requires access to high quality financial reports and business intelligence dashboards.

What can our software solutions do for your convenience store or supermarket chain?

Increase warehouse efficiency

Spend up to 60% less time on managing warehouse processes, get total control of your inventory and reduce losses due to waste.

Manage promotions and coupons

From mix & match to coupons and discounts, prepare in advance prices and offers and keep control over them from head office.

Handle complex pricing

Easily manage different types of pricing in different branded stores or in different locations, no matter the size of your business.


Improve productivity

Handle more tasks more easily from head office to front office and reduce in-store labor by up to 40%.



A flexible set of solutions that can be easily adapted to your operational needs, deployed quickly and easy-to-use


Combination of our deep business knowledge and the latest technology solutions with hundred of successful projects


Tailored-to-Business localization solution meets requirements of Accounting and Tax Compliance.


Local support in Vietnam, and expertized Naviworld global network.

A Retail Solution for Retail Chain Management of Mom & Baby products

BiboMart is the largest retail chain for Mom & Baby products in Vietnam. Bibo Mart JS Company was established early in 2006 providing products for mother and baby with many famous brands worldwide. BiboMart faced the serious problem of internal system control and customer services as continuously chain expanding. To cover the whole operations from headquarters to stores, Bibomart decided to chose LS Retail NAV solution to centralize all business processes from store management, inventory, promotion and pricing programs to backoffice.

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