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Industries supported by Soft4Leasing

Equipment Leasing

Auto Leasing

Loan Management

Property Finance

Recourse Factoring

Non-recourse Factoring

Explore Soft4Leasing Functionalities

Lease Origination

Create quotes, do instalment calculation, create applications, prepare instalment schedule, activate Lease Contract, keep track of contract balances, terminate and close the contract.

Lease application Management

Work with several functionalities related to the lease/loan origination process: prepare disbursement schedules, vetting checks, use special approval conditions, track customers via source of access.

Lease applicant management

Have multiple applicants or parties involved in a single application (e.g. co-applicants, guarantors, directors, partners, next of kin, etc.). The system will customize the lease processes accordingly.

Leased asset management

List each unit on the lease application, identify with it with a unique ID, set the attributes of the asset (e.g. new or used, starting mileage, colour, etc.). You can have multiple assets on a single contract.

Credit - Scoring Automation

Automate customer credit score calculate and set credit rating. Uses highly configurable scorecard tree. The score can be dependent on any attribute of applicant/asset/application.

Credit Decision Process management

Automate credit decision process: when new application submitted, system runs Decision Tree logic, which gives one of three results: auto-approved, auto-declined, referred to credit officer.

Dealer web portal

Enable your equipment dealers to introduce deals via Web Portal. Dealer can make quotes for lease customer, fill in credit/lease applications on-line and submit to finance company for approval.

Lease document management

Create, store and distribute documents throughout lease process. Configure document templates and map to data in the system (e.g. automate Lease Contract form with data fields filled in).

Work orders, fleet management

Create service orders related to leased asset, order services, items from 3rd party suppliers, keep track of actual service cost and price, invoice services to customer, review and schedule Work Orders.

Interest Calculation, floating interest

Calculate actual daily interest with two components: financing interest, based on outstanding receivable, and  penalty interest, based on overdue amount.

Reporting and statistics tools

Get a pipeline, portfolio and other types of reports. Have a set of data sources presented and build custom reports with external tools (BI systems or Excel Pivots).

Integration with General Ledger

This feature has a leasing posting setup, i.e. mapping lease process to G/L accounts, and multiple functions for G/L posting automation: on contract activation, on instalment due, on contract termination.

NaviWorld Vietnam is Gold Certified Microsoft Partner and partner of Soft4Leasing and have capabilities providing a single solution for lease services. 

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