Improve brand reliability with consistent quality

In the food industry, it is not just about having timely and consistent product delivery but also delivering innovative products of consistent quality. It is only with excellent experiences that are on time and of superior quality can you expect to build on customer loyalty.

Synergize sourcing, quality, and logistics

One of the most difficult to manage but of vital importance is the demand forecast. With the right demand forecast, you can ensure that planning, production, and inventory are working in tandem to deliver the correct results. While planning supply chain and inventory, you need to consider the seasonal fluctuations as well

Meet productivity and quality standards

In the food industry, the constant demand to balance productivity schedules with that of quality standards and compliance while meeting safety requirements can be a difficult task. To have that going, it would mean examining every aspect of the operations or processes with a view to maximizing it.

Find out your improvement area


Formulate new products and recipes as per evolving customer requirements and trends. You can also manage recipes, size batches that incorporate your preferred units of measure, instructions for the method of preparation, and other values. Control plans and designs for the production and costing of co-products and by-products in single or multiple inputs.


You can set the prices for items at certain levels or combinations of levels to meet the positioning of the product in the customer’s mind. Leverage the contract module in our solution to update the purchase and sales team on the trends in pricing and marketing developments. You can also publish pricing updates and order guides for customers and distributors to deal with your company.


Deal with all the steps for the acquisition of commodity goods, receipt and storage of inventory, costing, and timely payment to vendors. You can track and process the arrival of the ingredients in a batch-wise manner to ensure proper inventory management.


Get a complete overview of the demand and supply of finished goods at any given point of time. This will help you put together a robust and fail-proof demand planning and have production schedules to meet the delivery requirements.


Comprehensive overview of the quality aspects of your business along with complete forward and backward audit-able tracking of lots. You can furthermore, record and use quality control data to plan production and make the optimum decisions


Streamline the delivery of your products by maximizing the efficiency of your resources. Save on time and minimize errors during delivery by maximizing the loading and delivery efficiency. Ensure quick, correct, pick-up, staging and loading with the transparent and easy-to-access tracing of lots and container packing.

Impacts you can anticipate with To-Increase food solutions

Ensure top-quality, resource-efficient production and distribution

Profitable product innovation - Stay in tune with changing customer needs

Streamlined, end-to-end regulatory and food safety compliance

Robust demand planning to reduce wastage

Flexibility to source ingredients and raw materials at optimal conditions

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