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Dynamics 365

How leading companies use CRM to power personalization

November 08, 2019

Organizations must tailor consumer experiences to the individual needs and desires of current and prospective customers. Personalizing the customer journey, however, can be time intensive and expensive. Fortunately, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, makes this process efficient and affordable.

One organization dependent on personalized experiences is AAA Northeast. Their success depends on keeping members satisfied, which goes beyond providing world-class roadside assistance, insurance, financial services, travel agency services, and discounts and rewards. It requires proactive anticipation of member needs and quick responses to their requests and concerns. With the help of Dynamics 365 Sales, Power BI, and the Adobe Experience Cloud, AAA Northeast has digitally transformed its sales, customer service, and marketing channels to better align with its members’ needs and preferences.

AAA Northeast uses Dynamics 365 Sales to aggregate data from multiple sources and create profiles of current and potential members. They have developed 360-degree member profiles, harnessing them to personalize and optimize the customer journey for each member, resulting in increased member satisfaction and revenue. Consumers appreciate the tailored outreach.

“The digital experience is now the company’s number one sales channel, with digital revenue up 25 percent year over year,” says Mark Pelletier, Vice President of e-Business at AAA Northeast.

Dynamics 365 Sales consolidates key consumer details such as past transactions, social media likes and shares, online browsing behavior, mobile app engagement, and customer service inquiries into a centralized data repository. This unified database is then used to create 360-degree consumer profiles. These profiles are leveraged in marketing, sales, or customer service motions to personalize interactions. Customer service specialists can tailor responses to customer questions by referencing full account histories. Sales associates can personalize sales solicitations by purchase intent signals. Marketing teams can use the profiles in digital marketing programs to align digital advertising offers with consumer interests.

Dynamics 365 Sales provides data consolidation, customer profile building, and interoperability with leading sales, marketing, customer service software, like Adobe Experience Cloud, to customize customer experiences. Dynamics 365 Sales also uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to optimize data management and works seamlessly with other popular Microsoft technology, such as Power BI, for added operational efficiency. For more information on how AAA Northeast digitally transformed their customer journey using Dynamics 365 Sales, Power BI, and Adobe Experience Cloud, visit Microsoft Customer Stories. For more information on how these technologies can help your organization, visit our website today.


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